Full Version: EN Standards, Power Supplies
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Under the new EN Standards there are 3 ‘Types’ of Power supply that can be specified as Type A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.
Type ‘A’
would be used for the most Installations, and specifies a Prime Source
(Mains Power Supply) with an alternative battery power supply, which is automatically recharged by the system.
Where type ‘A’ has been specified, this will apply differently according to the System Grade ;
• Grade 1 and 2 require 12 hours ‘Standby’ capacity
• Grade 3 and 4 require 24 hours ‘Standby’ capacity, or 12 hours if the system can notify ‘Mains Failure’ to an Alarm Receiving Centre.
The System Power Supply Units must be capable of providing power for the whole system including Panel, Communicator, Sounders as well as Detection devices.