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Domonial Panel Software Update July 2012
25-07-2012, 12:23 PM,
Domonial Panel Software Update July 2012
This product update notice details a software upgrade for the Domonial wireless intruder panels. The new software version has been updated to L25 for CMI/CME versions including 7 and 7G models.

This new software enables a number of enhancements on the panel, including:-

Compatibility with latest versions of CAMIR and CAMIR-N in remote triggering mode -
Added support of new Video PIR CAMIR(-N) devices that can be remotely triggered to take pictures.
The CAMIR(-N) can be configured via the programming tools to be externally triggered (by detectors, by system codes, by alerts, by short orders or by phone via DTMF). Monitoring of the camera will allow one, or a series of pictures to be taken. These pictures will be sent to the PE receiver.

Extended list of protocols supporting the Wireless Audio for outgoing calls
Outgoing call (panel to CMS) for Audio with LKPES8M keypads feature, ensuring compatibility with the Secom3, Surtec and ContactID protocols

The L25 software version will be available for the CMI/CME8UK control panels from Winter 2012.

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