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12-10-2017, 05:43 PM,

The following information gives you a comprehensive overview of all the elements that make up an "alarm system" and describes exactly what the function of each is.

Control Panel
The control panel is the heart of any system to which all the other parts are connected. Alarm signals from detection devices are interpreted by the control panel which then takes the appropriate action by sounding the alarm or signalling to a central monitoring station as required. The control panel maintains all the information regarding access codes and part set areas, and has an event memory to log system activity. Power is distributed to the rest of the system from here and it is backed up by a rechargeable battery in case of mains failure.

Remote Keypad
Some control panels have an integral keypad and display, however, it is often desirable to operate the system from a small remote keypad allowing the bulk of the electronics to be installed discretely out of sight. Remote keypads are also used where more than one access point is required. A variety of display types are available depending on which system is selected. Simpler systems use LED's as they are not required to show much information. However, on more complex installations an LCD display may be more appropriate as it can be programmed to show specific information using clear text messages.

i.e. friends, family or central monitoring station. It can also be referred to as speech or digital communications, alarm transmissions or alarm signalling systems. There are 3 ways of connecting the alarm panel to the receiver, i.e. normal analogue telephone line (PSTN), digital telephone line (ISDN) or mobile telephone line (GSM/SMS Network). In terms of communication devices available there are a wide variety, the simplest way to understand the different types is to categorise into stand alone units which bolt onto alarm panels, piggy back units for alarm panels that have a provision for plug on / wire in devices, modular units for specific panels, i.e. they share the same software and built in units which are fully integrated at time of purchase.

Detection Devices
Magnetic Contacts indicate when specific doors or windows are opened whilst Vibration Detectors activate the system if parts of the property come under physical attack. Passive Infra Red movement detectors (PIR's) are sited to cover general open areas, in particular common access routes inside the property and rooms containing items of value. For very sensitive areas Dual Technology devices combining both infra-red and microwave sensors can be used to minimise false alarms.

Sirens or Bell Boxes
As well as providing an audible warning, alarm sirens are a strong visual deterrent advertising that your property is protected and should therefore be mounted where they are clearly visible but out of reach. Some incorporate a strobe light which continues to flash after the siren has been automatically switched off, thus helping the police to identify the property in alarm, and also warning the keyholder that the system has been activated. On systems connected to a central monitoring station the siren can be delayed to allow the police time to attend the building without the intruders being aware of detection.

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