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Texecom Veritas R8 - lost Engineer code
13-12-2017, 11:13 PM,
Texecom Veritas R8 - lost Engineer code
Hi all,

Hope someone here can help an enthusiastic DIYer :-)

I've moved into a house with a Texecom Veritas r8 (I believe), however I don't have the engineer code (default didn't work, and I tried a few obvious codes as well).

I need to do a bit of work where the control panel is that involves re-routing various cables, and ideally, I'd like to extend the system with more detectors.

the rerouting of the dectors I can do without the engineer code (I've actually already done it with a few of the detectors, just been ready with the user code to silence the alarm after setting off the tamper), but I've held off re-routing the bell box cable so far, because of the unavoidable noise of the sounder, which will keep going all the time until I get it reconnected again (I don't have ladders, so not easy for me to get up there and remove the battery). Apart from the noise whilst doing it though, I don't think there'll be any issues just disconnecting, and then reconnecting back the same as before?

So I've got a few asks:

- is it possible to do a full factory reset on one of these? I appreciate I'll need to reprogram, but sooner or later I'm going to need the engineer code or I may as well start again.
- is it possible to force the bell into some sort of hold off mode without engineer code (I'm sure I read somewhere about shorting the strobe connection on the panel 3 tims in 30s? how do I short? Take a direct link from -ve aux power supply?)
- to add additional detectors, do I need to reprogram, or if I link them in will they be just picked up? If so, which zone do they go into (I've got a full and part arm)
14-12-2017, 09:39 PM,
RE: Texecom Veritas R8 - lost Engineer code
1. You can default the panel but if the engineer code is locked, all programming will go to factory settings but the eng code will stay locked. Yule (sorry) only know if it's locked by trying to default it.
2. I always wire the + and - hold off wires to the battery.
3. You can daisy chain as many sensors as you want into any zone. They will be picked up, unless the system has been installed using EOL. You can check before you start by opening a sensor and seeing if there are two resistors in the wiring.
I've emailed you the engineer manuals, both pre 2000 and post 2000.
15-12-2017, 09:27 PM,
RE: Texecom Veritas R8 - lost Engineer code
Thanks Ron,

point 2 is brilliant. I actually pulled an old 12v transformer out of my box of transformers (every old router or whatever that gets junked, I keep the transformer, "just in case"!), but the battery is a great short term fix.

Have succesfully relocated everything to allow for the building work, but haven't yet tried to reprogram. I did spot that you can buy a replacement PCB for about £25 though so if it is locked, I might go down that route. Or perhaps even look at a totally new control panel if it comes to that.
15-12-2017, 10:29 PM,
RE: Texecom Veritas R8 - lost Engineer code
You can get a new panel with keypad for around 50 quid

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